A Brand with a Mission

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures: a brand with a mission to set a new standard in Family Holiday Villages and Cultural Experience Parks

Home 1The journeys of the ancient King Solomon through the African continent have inspired Dutch impact entrepreneur GreenDreamCompany,to develop a chain of high quality sustainable Family Holiday Villages and Cultural Experience Parks (theme-parks).

The interests of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures and local communities are the same:
continuity in food safety and energy supply, the development of infrastructure, cultural awareness and activities, nature development and entertainment, the use of local building materials etc.. Projects will benefit local communities beyond commercial interests, with mutual interests creating a binding coherence at all the village locations.

Projects will be launched in Rwanda and Ethiopia, but aims for 14 East African countries.

Sustainable Tourism

Developing the local economy through Sustainable Tourism is the driving force for Solomon’s Hidden Treasures:

  • create jobs and connect local communities across generations;
  • enhance and preserve cultural values;
  • realize projects that fit in their landscape;
  • offer tourists a unique experience  and  offer communities a better future;
  • contribute to local coherence and economic development, safety and vocational training;
  • projects embedded in their local landscape and local community, thus ensuring an individual and relevant future for all involved.

As with all of the legends of King Solomon, where the stories are shaped with local meanings that vary from country to country, every project within Solomn’s Hidden Treasures will also tell its own story.