Ventures we work on

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures is being realised in countries along the mythical trade route of King Solomon. The first phase focuses on the development and realisation of accommodations in Rwanda and Ethiopia. In this fist phase the locations in Rwanda will be realised at first.

A complete and unique touristical experience per country, that is the hidden thought. Solomon’s Hidden Treasures realises per country at least four of five new destinations: one major destination in or near the Capital, two or three projects near a big lake and one in a National Park. This is how cultures, nature, and entertainment can be combined within one journey. In Rwanda we focus at five locations: one in the capital of Kigali, thre at Lake Kivu and one in a National Park at the borders of Tanzania: Akagera National Park.

Developing and realising more destinVervangenations at once in a country, brings the future traveler a unique concept. Because within the concept also traveling is organised and eventual stoppings between destinations, the traveller can cross the whole country within one experience of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures. Thus not only the experience is strongere but also the barier to travel to Afrika is less high.

During a partner meeting at the 30st of June 2015, MTD Landscapearchitects has explained the underlaying concept.

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Every ‘Hidden Treasure’ a World on its own

The locations are attractions themselves: melting pots of cultures. This aim is underlined by the architecture which has a central ‘court’ for intercultural meetings and for further exploration of the environment. A World is created with an atmosphere of safety and attractiveness; eco-chique and trendy, where (inter)national visitors meet eachother. The passage to a ‘Hidden Treasure’ is always marked by a symbolic stone passage, where travelers can leave their daily sorrows behind.