Solomon’s Hidden Treasures: A Brand with a Mission

Creating a meaningfull footprint in tourism infrastructure, by building a sustainable hospitality and tourism brand

The need for sustainable businesses and sustainable development is key to addressing Africa’s economic, social and environmental challenges and demands, noting that the continent has the capacity to transition to a green economy without the adverse effects that have accompanied growth in other regions. The integrated approach embodied in sustainable development is Africa’s most promising way forward, (Ms. Migiro 2016, UN Deputy Secretary-General from 2007 to 2012)

With concrete integrated plans and sophisticated business, it’s possible to reshape and actualize the leisure, hospitality and tourism industry. At the same time it’s the opportunity to produce plans for greater economic dynamism, social protection, and the creation of jobs, especially for youth – all while protecting Africa’s natural resources.

It will lead to the best outcome for investors but also benefits will spread across the African continent.

We proudly present you Solomon’s Hidden Treasures


Impression of Mbabara island villas and port (Molenaar&Bol&VanDillen Architects)

Family villages **** connected to daily entertainment

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures are of the beaten track destinations, Family Village to reconnect with the family, in settings of incredible natural beauty. Solomon’s Hidden Treasures are to be found on tropical African Islands, between the wildlife of national parks and within the green city hills. All Solomon’s Hidden Treasures are offering daily leisure activities, like recreational harbours, cultural experience parks and wildlife gaming.

The beating heart of area development

All Family Villages of the Solomon’s Hidden Treasures brand are connected together ánd within a tourism infrastructure system: they are the beating heart of area developments.

Investments in side ventures to develop and diversify the tourism industry landscape

The development and diversification of the tourism venture landscape within the tourism value chains is part of our area development formula. That means that within the Solomon’s Hidden Treasures brand also complementing ventures participate.

Born to create value for many

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures is a value driven brand. That means that we create financial, ecological and social return on investment. That makes Solomon’s Hidden Treasures a brand with a mission.

GreenDreamAcademy adding vocational training

The management of a Solomon’s Hidden Treasure venture is being supported by GreenDreamAcademy, our onsite training facility, to improve her standards on hospitality, supply & value chain development, management and marketing & sales. All to create a strong brand identity.

International branding

The brand Solomon’s Hidden Treasures creates the opportunity to focus not only on the Western market but also at the growing African and Asian market for family vacations. So a big new market potential and a longer staying. This requires a different approach and additional investments. Especially in quality, safety, and (local) marketing.

Storytelling as brand- USP

The world is in search for good stories. Africa is the continent of amazing legends and stories. That is why we make use of the mythical story of King Solomon: a strong imagination to underline the brand, visible, tangible, touchable.