Solomon’s Hidden Treasures

Unique Destinations


Solomon’s Hidden Treasures are off the beaten track destinations, only found in some of Africa’s most unique and beautiful places on the historical road travelled by King Solomon.

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures present exciting tourism infrastructure across fourteen countries: Egypt, North Sudan, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimpbabwe South-Africa, Lesotho.

A New Standard in Sustainable Tourism

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures is a new standard in sustainable tourism,  developing, constructing and operating upper-middle class Family Holiday Villages and Cultural Experience Parks (theme parks).  Working in partnership with local communities and using local materials,  creating a sustainable environment that will contribute to both economic growth and welfare.

Sustainable tourism is an accelerator for economic development, creating jobs at all levels and offering local people the opportunity to increase prosperity and welfare for the whole community.  In order to enable the local community to contribute fully to the succes of its family villages, Solomon’s Hidden Treasures offers vocational training for employees and contractors in its projects.   Sustainable tourism offers guests a valuable experience.  They can discover cultural and scenic highlights, at the same time contributing to maintainance of those values for generations to come.

The interests of Rwanda and Solomon’s Hidden Treasures are aligned, just as those of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba were: continuity in food and energy supply, development of a range of economic activities, development of infrastructure, development of leisure activities, preservation & promotion of nature and culture.

The Connnecting System

The connecting systemSolomon’s Hidden Treasures will provide comprehensive tourism infrastructure which will open up one some of Rwanda’s most attractive scenic pearls and historic venues to visitors.  The tourism amenities within this infrastructure comprise: a family village with cultural experience park located near the capital; three port family resorts with exotic harbours on Lake Kivu and a family village located at Akagera National Park.

All locations are of great historical value and are connected to the corporate story of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures.  The USPs of the brand are the connectivity of the destinations provided by tourism infrastructure with integrated transort, providing enlightening and comfortable journeys for visitors.

Within the safe and comfortable concept of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures guests can undertake excursions to surrounding highlights of Rwanda.

The tourism infrastructure includes family villages, leisure, connecting roads and pitstop restaurants.  The system opens Rwanda for further development of tourism and local economic growth.

The Landcape is Leading

The quality of the natural landscape presents demands, suggestions and opportunities.  Inspiration from the energy in the rocky landscapes, valley and lake views, the use of meandering forms in design and local resources and recycled materials in buildings, come together to create sysnergy between Solomon’s Hidden Treasures  developments and their natural landscapes.  The height of our buildings will, for example, never exceed the tops of the trees around them.

Royal Architectural Design

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures are worlds where royal architectural design, modern technique, history and local inspirations meet.  Entering the world of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures, guests step into a beautiful place where all elements of happiness are connected in a harmonious, respecful and safe way.  A carefully selected location with breathtaking nature, amazing culture, excellent hospitality, wholesome food, great wellbeing, challangeing discovery and high standard entertainment.

Entrance and Market Squares

Entering a Solomon’s Hidden Treasures Family Village is the first step into another world.  Guests leave all their daily worries behind to discover the natural beauty and amazing atmosphere.  In the heart of every Family Village you will find a Market Square which is an inspiring meeting place with shops, local products and entertainment.

Residential Villas

There is no better place to create exceptional family moments than in one of the spacious Residential Villas overlooking the capital, lake or natural park. From the comfort of their holiday home, guests will be able to explore the beautiful surroundings, creating their own beautiful personal memories.

Where Worlds Meet

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures will become the place where global citizens meet. People from all over the world – travellers who seek adventure, families combining culture and leisure, local, African and global tourists – will be savouring the pleasures of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures in Rwanda.

Meet, dine, be fine

Within an environment of mythical architecture you will enjoy best quality food and fresh drinks. You will meet a mix of local inhabitants, (inter)national African visitors and people coming from other Continents: a vibrant, colourfull mix of people from all over the world.