Cultural Experience Park Kigali

Where history and future meet…

The Cultural Experience Park, on the outskirts of Kigali, is  where all the legendary and historical stories of bigger Rwanda come alive in a thrilling and exciting park experience that meets modern demands.

The theme of the new Cultural Experience Park will be: Being happy together. Becoming a new meeting point for citizens, visitors and tourists, to relax and enjoy. Situated just outside Kigali, within the hills, the Kigali Cultural Experience Park is the place where legendary historical stories in combination with the present highlights of Greater Rwanda will come alive.

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 Experience beautifull Rwanda

Theatre, cultural dances, arboretum, rides, water glides, playfields, merchandising, restaurants. The visitors will experience this on a modern, thrilling and exciting way that fits the present.  High tech, eco-friendly, but magical atmo-sphere and landscape where families, young adults and tourists can go, meet  and experience Rwanda’s today’s beauty .

Top hill will remain the green public park, but surrounded by pubs, shops, park-office and hotels will make it more alive. this park is the connecting and beating heart of the area. All entrances, Cultural Experience Park, Solomon’s Hidden Treasures Hotels and parking,  are connected to the park.

Eco-friendly, safe and embracing high tech tools, but with a mythical atmosphere and an enchanting landscape where families, young adults and tourists can go for days of fun and pleasure.


Venture Kigali Cultural Experience Park
Location Kigali
Description Theme/Leisure Park with Hotel
Plot Size 76 Hectares
Investmentsize Available on request
Tourist Beds 200 (100 hotel suites)
Planned Start of Operations 2020