Gorgora Nova Rock Resort

The Ark of Covenance best hiding place…..

Lake Tana in the Northern part of Ethiopia was formed by volcanic activity, blocking the course of inflowing rivers in the early Pleistocene times circa 5 million years ago. This rough landscape of rocks and indigoes plants and trees is the location of Gorgora Nova Rock Resort ****. The project will include … villa’s, spa, etc. The place has a marvellous history, that makes it into a location of high cultural value.

The concept has been developed by GreenDreamCompany based on a landscape level approach and inspired on the castles of Gondar district. Old remains of the fortress we found are fully integrated in the landscape concept of this resort. A harbour is part of the recreation concept. Fully use of natural and local materials.

Storytelling, anthropology, history is part of the architecture and of the customer experience.

Being situated on a peninsula, high on the rocks with a wide view on the lake and the islands but connected to the road to Gondar the project is a hidden world on its own were couples and families can revitalise and relax.

The project will implement the latest techniques of sustainable development by aiming zero footprint on the environment. It will contribute to nature by conservation and restoring.

The project will be the main economical trigger within the wide surrounding.

10 hectares of land is acquired and building permit is available for the whole project.

Project is now open for investors.