The Story of King Solomon

A Man of Many Passions

A passion for travel, discovery, beauty and nature.  Respect for people and the environment.  These qualities seen in King Solomon are also recognisable in the experience seeking traveler today. The surprising and unique locations of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures have been created with these sorts of visitors in mind.

The stories of King Solomon – his wisdom, justice, curiosity, peacefulness, urge to explore and his passion for beauty – form the basis of the stories behind Solomon’s Hidden Treasures.


A Wise Man

king-solomonKing Solomon was not only known as the wisest man who lived but also the most adventurous and mischievous.   He was lord and master of the entire region West of the Euphrates, strengthening his kingdom by his many marriages with partners of all faiths and nationalities.

He not only loved women, he was genuinely interested in their culture and religion.  He was also passionate about travel and the natural world.  He sent his men south, across the Nile and overland, as he amassed his enormous wealth, trading as far south as South Africa.

He was famed from a very young age for his wisdom and noteworthy decisions: the famous Solomon’s Judgment.  People from neighboring countries came to court sessions to hear his wise words, inviting him to be a mediator in their peace processes.


A Passion for Architecture

King Solomon was very creative with his interest in buildings.  His most famous building was the gold-inlaid Holy Temple in Jerusalem. He also built many palaces, citadels and fortified towns.


A Creative Writer

Solomon composed more than 3,000 poems and more than 1,000 songs: The Song of Songs, the Book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes among them.


King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

One of the most distinguished guests who ever visited King Solomon was the Queen of Sheba in Southern Arabia and Great Abyssinia (now Ethiopia and surrounding countries).  The kingdom of Sheba was rich in gold, precious stones, spices and myrrh.  The Queen of Sheba visited Solomon with a large entourage and camels loaded with spices, gold and precious stones.   She presented Solomon with questions and was amazed by the wisdom in his responses.  Solomon needed Sheba: for her resources and her kingdom’s trade routes.  Sheba needed Solomon to be able to market the resources and goods from her vast lands.  Their relationship has generated lots of stories about love, the birth of a son, Menelik, the lost Ark of the Covenant and many more legends.

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures resorts will be created in the countries along the route of Solomon’s travels.  In each location, the myths and legends surrounding King Solomon live on.